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My name is Justin Brown. I am the founder of North Eastern Ontario Business Solutions and Premium Small Batch Apparel. It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website and look forward to meeting you.

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Digital Solutions

We live in the era of technology. Social media, websites, digital media are all now a vital aspect of marketing and advertising your business. With over 14 years of experience in digital media, we are here to help navigate your business through the cluster of media online. 

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The Why. A Glimpse of History

Poverty stricken childhood. Decades of misfortune. Shaping the founder to who he is today. Transforming pain into perseverance. Driving him to learn, adapt and succeed at all costs.

The why. Permeated with poverty and misfortune. My father was once a very skilled tradesman with his own previously successful company-Brown’s Home Renovations-  when he was capable and confident in himself and his work. A tragic accident changed the course of his and my family’s future. Pronounced dead for 7 minutes- he lay lifeless. However, the talented paramedics were able to resuscitate him back to life. This came at a great cost. What was once complete was now broken. The serious head trauma left my father comatose in a hospital for nearly 7 months. My mother and family left tending to their three children. Twin Toddlers and an infant. When my father was freed from the coma, he had to re-learn everything. Speech, walking, etc. My mother and family still tending to the children, and now rehabilitating her husband. After about a year- she left him. Gave the children the choice to choose whom they wanted to stay with. The twins chose their mother-I chose my father.

Whilst my father had healed physically-the brain trauma caused memory-loss, limited mobility of his entire left side and serious mental side effects of brain trauma. We had no place to live for an entire winter-we “squatted” in an abandoned house on the outskirts of the town I would grow up in. Broken windows, no heat and limited food for months until he received insurance funds that would purchase the house I grew up in.

Flash Forward. My father attempted to recapture his business-but found trouble after trouble. Lack of confidence, funds, and positive attitude, he struggled to regain his traction. To proud to seek help-we struggled in silence. This is what drove me to the marketing industry. To figure where my father went wrong and be able to help businesses succeed. I have been working within the marketing, design and advertising industry since 2008. To understand what I am capable of you first need the glimpse of what I have overcame.

In 2013, I created my first company Brown Media to develop an affordable “vehicle” for local downtown businesses- to alleviate and reduce the stigmata of the Downtown Business Area. We developed,produced and distributed one volume before we were met with lack of support and funding.The project was then abandoned. Flash Forward. New company. Ready to deliver results for local businesses. Driven to succeed.

Print Solutions

In the era of technology, there is still massive value in print products-Give your customer tangible marketing.

  • Booklet/Catalog Design & Print Packages
  • Unaddressed AdMail-Postcards-Design and Delivery
  • Yard Sign Design and Print
  • Specialty Business Card Design and Printing
  • Indoor/Outdoor/ Retractable Banner Design and Print
  • Floor Decal Design and Print
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Branded solutions
  • Quality

Premium quality is preferred-however, with each product and design brings potential obstacles with quality. For example, embroidery works well with almost any fabric-but has obstacles with design and colour options. Understanding quality helps ensure satisfaction.

  • Quantity

Quantity can cut costs and increase cost. Most branding processes require a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) which can vary from 1-24 and up. This is because most companies cannot sustainably produce minimal products. Most Screen-print shirt/fabric processes require a MOQ of 12

  • Source

Understanding price point and sustainability are key here. We work with many suppliers that each have their own strengths of price point and sustainability. 

  • Distribution

Where do you plan on distributing your branded products? Online, In-Store, For Events purposes, etc. 

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